The next generation modern workstation system.

modern natural sit to stand desk

The Next Generation Workstation System.

Work is no longer considered a place to go everyday, but an activity. And with the lines continuing to blur between home, office, and life, office designers are realizing they must create spaces that cater to the conveniences of all three, while ensuring productivity doesn’t miss a beat. Workplaces must be brought to life through compelling and functional office design solutions which will inspire creativity and innovation – if not, workers will simply go elsewhere. With the shift to open workspaces and reduced privates offices, a key part of modern office design are workspaces that need to balance just the right amount of collaboration and privacy. Workstation office furniture takes on a whole new meaning in this workplace evolution.

New Trends 

What’s next for the workstation? Here’s a short list of  workstation office design trends which  address the need for healthy office environments that encourage movement and offer just the right amount of collaboration and privacy. And workstations and benching systems take on a whole new meaning in this workplace evolution.

Modularity is here to stay (but will of course keep moving)

The new generation of modern workstation systems speak directly to the growing need for modular, reconfigurable workspaces. Activities-based work – we’re employees choose the  work environment the best suits the task at hand – is increasingly becoming the norm. Today’s office environment is akin to theatrical sets – to be moved, adjusted and adapted to daily workplace demands and the modern workstation system should be flexible

The New Rules of Privacy

The open vs. closed office debate has been well documented and it’s safe to say we’ve come to a middle ground – completely open or closed offices in a vacuum don’t work – employees prefer workspaces that offer  distinct focus spaces and collaboration spaces. Millennials in particular desire flexibility through an office design that offers choice in when and where work gets done. In the course of a day, one might utilize 4-5 distinct work zones in the process of completing a single task or project and offices must be designed to accommodate multiple work modes.
Sitting is so passe. 
In the modern office, sitting, tethered to a desk is a relic of the past, and the hazards of continuous sitting have been clearly for well over a decade now. Modern office  design incorporates workplace well-being right into the design, and workstation systems should be at the heart of healthy workplace design plans.  Automatic or manual sit-to-stand benching workstations are a simple way to ensure employees remain active and move throughout the day.



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