About Us

About Motiva Office: Modern, European office furniture.

We like to think of Motiva as tiramisu + expresso of office furniture.

Just when you think you know what you want, you Meet Motiva, and realize it’s everything you never knew you wanted in an office. It’s beauty, affordability, and zippy delivery times. Now throw in European craftsmanship and you’ve got Motiva. It’s a brand new office personality.

Most Motiva office furniture products can be delivered within 3-5 weeks. Add to that a simple as pie specification process and your beautiful authentic European office furniture is enroute to you from sustainable manufacturing plants from around the globe.

What also makes Motiva office furniture extra special are the 3D, 360° renderings that come standard as part of your specification process.  Here, you get to ensure what you see is exactly what you’ll get. Contact us to view our renderings gallery – You’ll love these!

Motiva Office provides unparalleled quality with full respect of the environment and sustainable development, while providing a safe and healthy workplace for employees. Motiva’s  office furniture meets or exceeds federal mandates and EPA Guidance for environmentally preferable products. Click here to view the Motiva Office Statement of  Warranty & Certifications.

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Sleek, modern, high-quality European office furniture available with 4-6 week lead times in all major USA markets: Washington, DC; Baltimore, MD; New York, NY; Boston, MA; Chicago, IL;  Los Angeles & San Francisco, CA.

Motiva is clean and green:



The Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) is a non-profit organization which sets the standards for forestry practices with the aim of promoting respect for the environment and forest social fabric. Wood-based products can carry the FSC® brand logo only if they meet high environmental, social and economic standards. In order to be certified, the entire wood production chain – from processing to end product – must constantly be monitored to guarantee its origin. This traceability system is known as Chain of Custody (CoC).

FSC®’s Chain of Custody certification ensures clients that Motiva Office only uses products from forests managed responsibly and legally. This gives products added value and guarantees the safe and responsible sourcing of raw material.