Meet Motiva

Motiva is a brand new office personality. It’s modern, sleek, full of surprises, and completely customizable. It’s beauty that’s accessible.

Why Motiva?

Stunning modern design. Perfect proportions. European design and craftsmanship. Dozens of finishes. Zippy lead times. Need we say more?

Get Motiva

Motiva has a simple spec process – 4-8 weeks is the standard lead time. It’s design that’s ready when you are.


Just when you think you know what you want, you Meet Motiva, and realize it’s everything you never knew you wanted in a workspace office environment. It’s beauty, affordability, and zippy delivery times. Now throw in modern European design and craftsmanship and you’ve got Motiva. It’s a brand new office personality.

Motiva Office is the premier source for high-end European office furniture collections with modern, contemporary, sleek designs.  Most Motiva furnishings can be delivered within 5 weeks with reasonable price points.  Contact us today to learn more!